Fright Fest 2019: LIFE (2017)

Fright Fest 2019: LIFE (2017)

My review of LIFE (2017) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean


1 (1)Have you ever seen that episode of Cowboy Bebop in which Spike leaves a lobster in the Bebop’s backup refrigerator for a super long time, birthing a small, amorphous creature that hunts the crew of bounty hunters (or “cowboys” in the show, shucks howdy!), spearing them with something from its body that knocks them out and incapacitates them? Yeah, this movie is like an expensive, pretty, gorier, and over-serious version of that. I have a feeling I’m not the first to make this comparison, but either way it fits. Something about the way the creature is handled and how it moves and hides and the camerawork when it’s near.

It could also be said that the Cowboy Bebop episode I’m referring to is itself an homage to Alien (ha! I’m only two paragraphs in and I…

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The Cover for A Cold Fire Within

I had the pleasure of helping to playtest this campaign and I highly recommend it. ^_^

Christopher Smith Adair

A Cold Fire Within

“Brendan Sterling sought answers in experimental past-life regression. Unfortunately, his mind isn’t the only one seeking answers in the past….”

On Sunday, May 12, I woke up to find this amazing cover all over the place. The PDF is scheduled to be out at the end of the month, with the hardcover to follow once it’s ready. My name is alone on that cover, but of course there are so many more names inside of those who helped bring this to realization in a way I simply would have been incapable of otherwise.

Thanks again to all my play testers for journeying with me across space and time and places that are neither: Arianne Adair, Erik Brandvig, Brandon Drake Forcier-Reed, Rose Forcier-Reed, J Kenneth Johnson, Mark R Loveland II, Patrick Loveland, Maxwell Mahaffa, Jay Mueller, Ben Plont, and David Ruiz.

Thank you to my editors, Lynne Hardy and Mike Mason for your diligence and support.

Thanks to the Mariusz Gandzel for…

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Paranormal & Supernatural in Review: Hell House LLC (2015)

Paranormal & Supernatural in Review: Hell House LLC (2015)

My review of Hell House LLC (2015) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean


I actually just had to go through my now-double-digits past write-ups for Machine Mean to see if I was right on this…but HHLLC will be the first found footage film I’ve actually reviewed. And by found footage, I mean the shot-on-video incarnation, and not earlier films with an in-progress-documentary-film conceit like Cannibal Holocaust, Man Bites Dog, etc..

Coincidentally, I think I was supposed to review The Houses October Built but maybe didn’t for scheduling reasons or something. I say ‘coincidentally’ because that was another found footage film about the “Haunt” industry—commercial haunted house attractions run by professionals during the fall season, especially around Halloween. HHLLC goes a very different way with its scares, mostly due to revealing itself as a different subgenre of horror to THOB, which was something more like The Blair Witch Project meets The Strangers.

Speeeeeaaaking of The Blair…

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Paranormal & Supernatural in Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

Paranormal & Supernatural in Review: We Are Still Here (2015)

My review of We Are Still Here (2015) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean

Image result for we are still here 2015

I had no idea what to expect going into this one, other than hearing some vague things about it being pretty good. I’m glad I came in fresh this time. I usually at least have a vague idea of what I’m getting into but it’s nice to have no preconceived notions of any kind once in a while. I had also heard Barbara Crampton was in it, which was a plus as I’ve been a fan since growing up with Re-Animator and From Beyond, and seeing her more recently in Beyond the Gates.


So, I’m gonna admit right out of the gate that I didn’t pick up on this being a period piece at all when I watched it the first time. Once I found that out, it made sense when I was scanning back over some scenes. I either missed a year tag or just how period…

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Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: Wolf Creek (2005)

Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: Wolf Creek (2005)

My review of Wolf Creek (2005) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean

1All right, this is kind of funny (to me if no one else): I’d originally planned to review Halloween: Resurrection for this—the one with the fake Myers found footage house thing with Busta Rhymes—because I’d only seen a chunk of it and it was pleasantly terrible. I went to put the used disc I’d purchased for three dollars at a local record/tape/cd/dvd type of shop for the express purpose of doing this review into my PS4 to give it a full watch before reviewing…and it wouldn’t read it. Cleaned it off, dried it, tried it again. No go. Never had an issue with the many discs I’d purchased there and the disc looked good, so…oh well.

Instead, I looked at the others I’d purchased back when I was going to do like seven or eight reviews this year for Machine Mean—still would have, but some personal issues caused me to…

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Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: FREDDY VS. JASON (2003)

Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: FREDDY VS. JASON (2003)

My review of FREDDY VS. JASON (2003) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean

[Probably some spoilers—like you give a fuck, bitch (Freddy voice)]


Okay, when this came out, I’d seen every film in the two series this was a crossover of. It would be hard to say which of the two had held up the most, and neither would qualify as serious horror properties by the time this came about. But by then that wasn’t really the point. Not for myself or most fans I knew, at least.

The first few films in each series (well, probably first one or two for Freddy) were pretty serious, dark horror films that happened to be about teenagers frolicking and getting horribly slaughtered. They both became somewhat tongue-in-cheek affairs the further they went on, then eventually each had a remake of some sort, and just before this crossover, Nightmare had what I felt was a very well done return to serious territory that was also…

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Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Slashers & Serial Killers in Review: Sleepaway Camp (1983)

My review of Sleepaway Camp (1983) for Machine Mean ![ ^_^]!

Machine Mean


Okay, being totally honest—I had only seen the very last scene from this film before watching the whole thing a few nights ago. I’d stumbled onto it in some list of shocking horror moments or something and wasn’t worried about it being spoiled, so I watched it. That scene stuck with me, and also made me (mistakenly!) assume this was a disturbing, dark film throughout. Hahahaha… No. Not at all. That’s not to say it’s bad… but I think the backwards way I experienced it actually says a lot about this film and its legend, if you can call it that. This is more like a Troma film for the most part with a few decent kills and one very effective, weird scene. 


So there’s a father with his young son and daughter…

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A TEAR IN THE VEIL reviewed on Ginger Nuts of Horror



Ginger Nuts of Horror review ]

Hey, better late than never, right? This fantastic review was published in October of last year, and I can safely say this reviewer really got and enjoyed everything I was going for in this novel. Also, Ginger Nuts of Horror is a great site for horror all around. They even host my Early Access review of THE FOREST (PC game) you can read further down the page right here. I even Challenged Kayleigh! (you’ll see what I mean if you visit GNOH)

This post will also serve as an announcement that A Tear in the Veil will be going through a bit of a revision process in the coming months, then re-released in a somewhat slimmer volume with a new cover and under a new publisher. 

It was always intended that A Tear in the Veil would be the start of a planned, outlined trilogy. This new version of the book will tighten the early pacing, in preparation for continuing in the second book, The Unlocked Ward, and the final book in the trilogy, Doing the Unstuck.

So, if you want the full, playfully-meandering-until-The-Good-Shit-starts, soon-to-be-out-of-print Original Version of A Tear in the Veil, follow the link above and let it whisk you away to the version of Amazonlandia that best suits your current global position.

Also, those who pay close attention might even catch nods to and use of characters from the Tear universe in another upcoming book of mine—my first short story collection, TOO MANY EYES and Other Thrilling Strange Tales, which I’m hoping to have out before the end of the year.

Not to mention upcoming short story placements and possibly some other fun things I’m not going to announce quite yet. (wink)