SIRENS CALL #28 — “R-Day for Mr. D”


I’m still working up to getting a better account where I can fully customize and set up a place for checking out the books I have stories in (and soon I will have one all to myself) and such. For now, there are two stories I have totally free in the fantastic Sirens Call Ezine put out by Sirens Call Publications.

This one has a semi-interesting origin. It was actually written for an anthology about the Wu-Tang Clan. That’s a long story. I enjoyed that version… but it really came together when it wasn’t selected for that project and I decided to absorb it into my own personal fledgling mythos. I’m very happy with the result. It won’t change lives, but I think it’s a fun, quick piece.

So, this is a lot of fiction, poetry, and art for the lovely price of Free.99, and also includes the story I’ve just described.

Sirens Call Ezine #28 ( my story: “R-Day for Mr. D” )

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