SIRENS CALL #29 — “Not Cavities”


So, another free ezine I have a short story in for your enjoyment ( I hope ). This story sat around for a few years in my head. I’d kicked it around here and there, but never committed to actually writing it. I almost did write it a couple Halloweens in a row—and once almost as a ‘drabble’—then I realized the Sirens Call Ezine was the perfect spot for it. They were having a special Hween issue and everything.

This is another piece that cheekily fits into my personal universe, but it’s focused enough that the connection is unimportant, and I feel like it’s a great little standalone, as-is.

It’s also fun to have a Halloween story to share again and again ( until I think of another one to write ha ). 😉

Sirens Call Ezine #29 ( my story: “Not Cavities” )

P.S. this is also the story I narrated and put up on youtube, just FYI. It’s one of the earlier posts on this page, in fact. That is its own experience, but I think I did an okay job, for a first try at least. ha

Not Cavities, A #halloween #horror tale written & narrated by Patrick Loveland @PMLoveland

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