The Unfinished Site

It was a fresh, new site. No real direction or focused purpose. Mostly, a placeholder. It aspired to be so much more… but for now, it would hold its place. This is the last line of the first paragraph of its placeholder of a first blog post.

This is the first line of the second. This is not the third line of the second paragraph. This is, though. Now, if only I had a real subject or topic for this first post, other than as a placeholder, of course.

New paragraph! Hm… Well, yes, that was a momentary rush of excitement. Wore off quickly, though.

Fourth! Damn. I’ll keep writing because I don’t like the look of those last two words just hanging there, stranded. That would look awful. With every word I add to this paragraph, I feel better about the look of it. Yes. Definitely. Maybe… just… one… more? Or was that two? Shit, now it’s several. Anyway, paragraph finished.

Yes, let’s allow that to be the end of this post and move forward, shall we?


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