The Return…ening

Considering recent events in the social media realm…I am considering re-committing to this, my very own website. I can’t really afford what I’d like to do to evolve it, but it might be worth it in the long run to lean into that investment.

I might even set up a Patreon or something like that.

But it would be nice to have a site dedicated to my writing, screenwriting, art, and sequential art storytelling as I had originally intended.

Watch This Space™ and all that ha


FREE READ—Drop Squad Nemesis

The drop platform eased into position with a moan of shifting metal. A dull gray interior cone around Cpl. Alex Moreau and her five squad mates glitched and went clear, revealing a breathtaking view of the planet below that used to be their home—Earth.

Alex could barely hear the shuddering metal above LCpl. Yip’s song blaring from the internal speakers—“Johnny Too Bad” by The Slickers—which was the idea.

The transparency of the cone was an illusion, a feed from nano-camera paneling on the exterior surface. Streaks of faded, dead pixels—from entry burn licking at the pod—reminded Alex how insane their job really was.

Orbital Ops, cream of the crop.

Today, though, they were glorified door openers. Yip and Pfcs Kebede, “Rummy” Loeb, “Gidget” Oakes, and Barzanji were all her responsibility. She told herself she’d bring them all back up the gravity well to Mount Olympus Station like she always had.

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My new novella The Europa Ascent is now available in e-book and paperback for all of your Sci-Fi, Deep Sea, Creature Feature, Survival Horror needs!

HERE:::                                             ::::HERE
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[Double-Feature – Interview] – Patrick Loveland

And to finish off the Double Feature, here’s my interview with Patrick McDonough for DEAD HEAD REVIEWS

Dead Head Reviews

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): This is your first published collection, correct? How did you settle on the stories in it?

Patrick Loveland (PL): Yes, this is my first collection. I had a general idea for a while about what this book was going to be and which stories made the most sense for it. There were originally a few that weren’t going to make it in, and one that got replaced pretty late in the process. The ones that made it in that weren’t going to were a result of me taking so long to write the core novella (that was supposed to just be a short ha) that I crept out of the window the original publishers required for exclusivity on those shorts.

As for how I settled on this set of stories…I wanted this book to be about go-for-the-throat thrills and chills and survival horror action that I…

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[Double-Feature – Review] – Too Many Eyes

New review up at Dead Head Reviews ^_^

Dead Head Reviews

By Patrick Loveland

Patrick Loveland’s collection Too Many Eyes hits you with a blend of 19th century frontiers folk to harsh arctic futuristic test facilities. The collection is broken down into two parts. The first half being subtitled YESTERDAY AND TODAY—stories that take place in the past up to present day. While part two is subtitled TOMORROW AND BEYOND—focusing on near future and a century from now events. Every story includes the strange and weird in one form or another. Fitting for the publisher, Stay Strange Publishing.

The cover design, as well as the illustrations before each new story, was all done by Patrick Loveland. His art is fantastic and it really captures the strange and weird. So much so that it would truly be a delight and gift to us all if he came out with a book on his illustrations one day (I’m not…

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Reviews In The Machine : Too Many Eyes, by Patrick Loveland

Reviews In The Machine : Too Many Eyes, by Patrick Loveland

A great review from Chad at Machine Mean!

Machine Mean

Too Many EyesI’m not entirely sure how I managed to miss this story or how it was kept out of the press, but evidently somewhere in New York there is a now empty grave no longer possessing its former occupant. The long since deceased Rod Serling has risen from the grave. He is once again walking among us, but living under the protection of an assumed name.

And that name is Patrick Loveland.

I realize that it comes off as somewhat of a cheesy line, but the fact is that I’m actually starting to write this review before I’ve even finished reading his most recent book. We are talking about an author who, by all rights should have been born seventy-five years ago, just so he could rise to fame and glory as one of the writers on shows like The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone or Tales From The Crypt

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